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VGrains 850g

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GoodMorning® VGrains 850g

18 Multi-grains
Upgraded with MindVPro: Cordyceps Militaris, Palm Tocotrienol, Tiger Milk Mushroom 
Source of Palm Tocotrienol: Support Brain Health
3X Higher Lutein Content
56% Less Sugar Content
Award-Winning: ITEX 2024 (Gold Medal) RespiReme (Tiger Milk Mushroom) Research & MTE 2024 (Bronze Medal) OriMili (Cordyceps militaris) Research 
Purple Sweet Potato: Natural Anthocyanin
Source of Protein
Source of Dietary Fibre
High in Calcium
Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Cholesterol Free
No.1 Multi-Grain Beverage Brand in Malaysia

This Item Include:
VGrains 850g X 1

VGrains is a plant-based 18 grains purple sweet potato blueberry drink. VGrains is now enhanced formula with 3 times higher Lutein, added with Palm Tocotrienol, nutrients for eye and brain health. Upgraded with proprietary blend MindVPro: Cordyceps Militaris, Palm Tocotrienol, Tiger Milk Mushroom.

1.Purple Sweet Potato - Rich in natural anthocyanin, purple sweet potato offers effective antioxidant properties that help reduce inflammation. The dietary fibre in purple sweet potato helps to improve gut health and motion.
2.Blueberry - Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber, blueberries are known to protect cells from damage, support a healthy gut microbiome, promote brain health, improve memory and boost overall immunity. 
3.MindVPro - Upgraded with proprietary blend MindVPro: Cordyceps Militaris, Palm Tocotrienol, Tiger Milk Mushroom. Award-Winning: ITEX 2024 (Gold Medal) RespiReme (Tiger Milk Mushroom) Research and MTE 2024 (Bronze Medal) OriMili (Cordyceps militaris) Research
4.Cordyceps Militaris - Improves exercise performance and anti-fatigue. Carotenoids protect vision health. 
5.Palm Tocotrienol - High antioxidant activity and neuroprotection. Tocotrienol is a superior form of Vitamin E and is a powerful antioxidant that is 40-60 times stronger than the usual tocopherol produced in the human body. 
6.Tiger Milk Mushroom - Modulates immunity and improves respiratory health. Anti-inflammatory. 
7.Lutein - Protection against eye damage and enhance vision.
8.Calcium Carbonate - Promotes teeth and bone development.
9.Corn Soluble Fibre - Increases fiber intake.
10.Prebiotic Inulin - Promotes digestive health. 

Suitable For:
1.Excessive screen time.
2.Poor skin condition.
3.Lack of energy.
4.Poor immune system.
5.Whole family (Age 3 and above).
6.Vegan and vegetarian.
7.Breakfast, tea time and before bed.
8.Lactose and Gluten-Intolerant.

Preparation Methods: 
Add 2 scoops (30g) of VGrains with 125 - 150ml of warm water. Stir or shake thoroughly and drink after preparation. *Ice may be added as an option.