Hidden causes of infertility – “Cold Uterus”

Hidden causes of infertility – “Cold Uterus”
The bubble milk tea trend has been ongoing among the young generation

The bubble milk tea trend has been ongoing among the young generation. Other than that, cold drinks, cold dessert and raw food also the lover for those young generation. Furthermore, many young generation love to be a night-owl, stay up late for playing games, work or friend gathering. However, for office worker, had spending long hour in air-con room and less exercising. These bad habits are the silent killer for our body health. Especially women, should aware on it. These bad habits gives bad effect to the uterus, may causes “cold uterus” lead to difficulties in pregnancy.

What causes “Cold Uterus”?

  • Love to eat cold and raw food
  • Wearing too thin or less clothes
  • Love to have cold drink
  • Less exercise
  • Set air-con in a low temperature
  • Staying in air-con room for long hours
  • Love to be a night-owl
  • Consume medication for weight loss

Effect of “Cold Uterus”

  • Menstrual Disorder
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Low back pain
  • Getting fat
  • Menstrual blood is much less, with dark color and clot
  • Difficulties in Pregnancy

To maintain healthy uterus, What foods should be eat?

➔ Folic acid food
Example: Dark green vegetables, citric fruit, whole grains food and etc. It helps to prevent ovarian cancer and protect uterus.
➔ Warm food, food that hot and boost vital energy
Example: jujube, cherry, longan, Kumquat, rambutan, apple, custard apple, Fructus Mume and etc. It helps to supports proper hormonal response, warm up the body.
➔ Nuts
Example: walnut, almond, pine nut, pistachio and etc. It helps to eliminating fibroid and also prevent uterine cancer.
➔ Whole grains food
Example: sesame, black bean, soy bean, corn, millet, wheat, barley and etc. It helps the growth of uterine cells, protect ovarian health and uterine development.
➔ Ginger
Helps to warm uterus, increase blood flow and body temperature. Adding ginger to every meal, may helps to dispel the cold and wind.

Uterus maintenance?

Reduce the consumption of cold drink, cold and raw food, more consumption on warm food or ginger. Let’s warm your uterus with a cup of GoodMorning VHalia. It contains 18 grains, bamboo ginger, red quinoa, dates and etc, these ingredients helps to warm your uterus and protect uterus health.

Suitable for all ages

Uterus care?

Take good care of your feminine hygiene. GoodMorning VSecret Spray is a feminine spray that does not contains harmful chemicals, alcohol, fragrance, soap and parabens. Vsecret Spray do no need to apply directly to intimate area, also able to protect your intimate area and prevent the harmful bacteria 

Confidence and beauty come from a healthy uterus!Women should know how to have uterus care and maintenance!

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