GoodMorning VGrains 18 Grains

GoodMorning VGrains 18 Grains
GoodMorning VGrains 18 Grains

VGrains, The Purplicious, Bluelicious and Delightful Delicious Drink!

GoodMorning VGrains  18 Grains is made up from 18 types of premium whole grains with 5 colours of phytonutrients. It is also added with 7 unique ingredients including Purple Sweet Potato, Blueberry, Lutein, Fibersol-2 Soluble Fibre, Soy Lecithin, Prebiotic and Calcium.

No Preservatives | No Colouring | Lactose Free

• Purple Sweet Potato : Rich in anthocyanins and high in antioxidants, a natural colouring. Its free radical scavenging ability is 20 times the vitamin C,  50 times of Vitamin E. Promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, helps in detoxification and strengthens the immune system.
• Blueberry : High in antioxidants (anthocyanins and phenolic acids). Helps to delay the effects of aging. Improves vision.
• Lutein : Enhances visual function and for eye protection.
• Fibersol-2 Soluble Fibre : A patented and unique soluble fibre derived from corn. Helps to increase daily fibre intake. Promotes bowel movement. Helps to balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
• Soy Lecithin : Helps to strengthen cell functions. Promotes brain health and improves memory.
• Prebiotic Inulin : A water soluble fibre. Promotes bowel movement. Helps the growth of good bacteria. Strengthens the immune system.
• Calcium : Helps to strengthen teeth and bones.


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Suitable for all ages (especially for vegetarians, pregnant mothers, diabetics and individuals with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol)

• High in Dietary Fibre
 • Rich in Antioxidants
• High in Calcium

 • High in Iron
• High in Protein

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